About Us

Key Club International is the biggest  student-run, non-profit organization. Through our collective effort to help the community, we are devoted to creating local and worldwide community changes. There are over 1000 Key Club's established throughout 38 countries.

As a club, we help our community by attending and planning volunteer events. These events include cleanups, walks, organized donations, or visits to foster homes. 

You could contribute to our club and gain leadership skills by running for a club role, planning events + fundraisers, and attending bi-weekly meetings. 


Our Mission

As a club, our mission is to instill the morals of character, leadership, and service in an all-inclusive club. As we make our members smile, our work is meant to strengthen communal efforts.


Our Kiwanis

Our Kiwanis is our helping hand for our club. They hold an important part in our club since they act as role models for our members.

We are happy to work with our amazing Kiwanis. For more information, check out their website.